Guide To Create An Blog

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What is Blog:-A blog (an abridgment of the term web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.see more at wikipedia.

In its simplest terms,a blog is an online journal or diary,and a blogger is the author of a blog.Starting a blog is probably the simplest way to start an Part time Internet business.Blog posts are like instant messages to the web.As people read your blog and become familiar with you, they become your potential customers.

Now this chapter is all about how to create blog to make money online.Readers have there own website dont leave from here because blog can help you generating more trafic to your websites Blogs are more friendly to search engine,and contents are easily indexed by search engine,you can link your website to your blog and this will help your websites for more traffic,and more importantly blogs are free to create,you can switch to custom domain and have your own domain too.There are so many blogs providers but i have choosen best of all ie

Now visit here for chapter 1.
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Guide To Create Blog Chapter 1

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Firstly create an email account with internet best online service provider,Then
Open your internet browser type than hit enter you will see this page as image below showing
Login with your google email id and password,after entering your Gmail ID and password now your are successfully redirected to another page as mentioned below.Enter your name or your favorite display name in your blogger posts,then Enable the check box to accept the terms and conditions and continue.

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Guide To Create Blog Chapter 2

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After you continue accepting terms and condition you will see page as shown in image below.You will see link in below as"CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW" use of this link will redirect you to page where you can manage your blog.

Managing your blog

You can now enter your title and name for your blog,it can be about product or services you are providing or may be on your interested topic.

As in image below:In tittle field write your tittle.Then in blog url field check availability of your blog.If someone already taken that name you won't get that blogger.Try different names until you get your blogger name.Once you get you desire name use continue button at the end.

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Guide To Create Blog Chapter 3

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Your blog is created Now start posting as you will see button after continuing with chapter 2 steps,as in image below you can see,use start posting button.

Now you will be redirect to templates design,you can choose your template from variety of design,as in image below choose your template and press continue.

Now visit here for chapter 4.
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Guide To Create Blog Chapter 4

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After selecting your template design your blog is ready for posting as shown in image below Now you can add information about your product or services or topic for you have more information about,you can add images with your blogger.Once Entered your preferred content along with title in your blogger editor,now its ready to publish online Now PUBLISH POST.Now your blog is can access from anywhere online in the world.So contrulation
After publishing your post use View Your Blog link to see your blog.
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Make Money Online With Dneero

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Dneero:-Dneero is an portal where you can make money online by completing survey and post them on your blogs.You may think this is an survey site where you take surveys and get paid every time when you are invited to take survey,but here all the opportunity are open to all what you have to do just find an survey opportunity,take the survey,post answer to your blog and get paid and you can also recruit you friends and make more money.Dneero works like sponsored review or payperpost but slightly different from them as here you dont have to review your blog to start making money online.
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PayPerPost an Wealth Generater

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blog advertising
PayPerPost:-PayPerPost is an portal where advertisers and bloggers are equally benefited.For advertiser PayPerPost is an portal that allows them to promote there Web site, product, service or company.What an advertser truly wants about there product or services, building traffic, gaining link backs for search engine ranking,PayPerPost have huge network of blogger,s as advertiser provide the topic and network of bloggers create the stories and post them on their individual blogs.That helps advertiser to build traffic for there product and services.
As an blogger what i like most about PayPerPost, it has given me a reason to write about the product and services from there list of advertiser and help me to make money online.What i have to do make a blog posting,getmy content approved,and get paid.I have signed for PayPerPost truly to make money online and blog about the things.I heard about PayPerPost from top blogger and advertiser using PayPerPost,as an blogger i use to visit blogs to get updated about new things,there i came accross PayPerPost.Definetly looking to make money with PayPerPost and will use that money with PayPerPost and will became advertiser.
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Affiliatejunktion:-Affiliatejunktion an global leader in providing online affiliate marketing service is know recruiting new affiliates to join the Affiliate Junktion Program.Affiliatejunktion is completely free to join and also one your own affiliate manager who guides you to make money online with Affiliatejunktion.You can make huge money with there performance-based program.

How it Works:-Firstly you have to signup to there program with your name and email address,Affiliatejunktion will send you comfirmation email with comfirmation link you will need to confirm your registration by clicking a confirmation link,After confirmation you are know part of Affiliatejunktion.Affiliatejunktion will provide you with a free, professionally designed affiliate website customized with your affiliate id.You will be paid on Pay-Per-Lead bases means whenever you refer some to Affiliatejunktion you will earn a commission.And as an bonus you are getting $75 for free just signing up for Affiliatejunktion.

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GoFreelance: Gofreelance is an online portal with thousands of freelance work Since 1998, GoFreelance has been connecting freelance professionals with companies that need jobs done. They have jobs under different niche,you can choose your job from variety.In addition they regulary update you with hot jobs and cool projects emailed to you daily .Gofreelance have thousand of freelance jobs in there database,these jobs comes from different company.You can also post your job in gofreelance database,gofreelance will send jobs to there member and finally job is done.You can make money online completing projects like:-

Write Articles for Magazines and Periodicals ($700 per article),Type Up Meeting Notes ($200 per day),Complete Consumer Surveys ($50 per hour),Data Entry ($30 per hour),Write for Discussion Boards ($250 per day).
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Blogsvine: Blogsvine is an adsense revenue sharing social website where Blogsvine share 65% of adsense revenue to there member,what you have to do just sign up for blogsvine account and add you adsense publisher id to your account and start generating extra money by submiting your blog post to blogsvine.Blogsvine is very good portal to get trafic to your blog/websites just submit an blog post with backlinks in your posts.A good blog post may result in gaining more votes it means your blog posts is liked by the member,So analyis your blog post before submiting.

Subjects in blogsvine:
General,Tech,Gossips,Internet,Gaming,SEO,Lifestyle,Humor,Computer,Business,Others, Travel,Personal,Health,TV/Movies.
You can comment on others submited blog posts in above subjects.
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Make Money Online Reviewing

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Sponsored Review:-Have an blog and very good at writing articles on your blog,than sponsored review is very good portal for you to generate revenue on writing on your own blog.

What is Sponsored Review:Advertiser are paying you just for writing reviews for there product/services on your blog,they thought it will help them increase sales by introducing their product to your audience.You have to link to there site according to there requirements.

Ongoing process you can bid on opportunities in order to earn money. Advertisers will also search through blog directory and purchase reviews directly from you. With that , you can earn a lot more money if you are proactive about searching and bidding on opportunities. After your bid know the ball in advertiser court to accept/reject/counter-offer.Once your offer is accepted you will be paid.
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Shareapic: Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on there servers,but what makes them different from the rest?Shareapic has came with a unique idea,they have revenue sharing model that reward users for refering or directing friends,family or any internet community to see their hosted images.What you have to do just host a gallery with good pictures share it with others and make money sharing pictures.They will also pay you if you link your photos to MySpace, eBay, blogs, forums, or anywhere,and if you are google adsense publisher you can add google ads to your gallery and make more money with your sharing.

Referral program:shareapic also have Referral program after signup shareapic provide you with your refferral code.Each time you refer a new user, you earn 10% of their image views forever! For more read shareapic faq.
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Make Money Online Watching Videos

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BuzzShed:-BuzzShed is a community of member who share and discover videos and make money watching video.You can add your video to buzzshed,members of buzzshed will watch your video if find interesting and rate it as Buzz and Bury system,Buzz means your video is rocking and apprietiated bury means just burying the rest.

How it work-You have to sign up,after sign up buzzshed will ask some basic info obout your life style and your interest,than buzzshed will send you videos when there advertiser wants to distrubute the videos.You will paid 30sents per watched video.

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Make Money Online With Ximmy

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Ximmy is an social website where you can be rewarded money just by submitting your story and commenting on others story.Story may be on any subject but should not be spam content,you will earn points on all submitted social reviews.Lets see how your points converts in money.

1 Points earn (submitted story), 1000Points, $10Rewards
1 Points earn (comment), 1800Points, $20Rewards
15Points earn (homepage), 3200Points, $40Rewards
6000Points earn, $80Rewards
12000Points earn, $160Rewards
20000Points earn, $300Rewards

In addition they are giving bonus as,Once you hit any of the points bracket, you'll receive an extra $20 bonus during your first payment payout.
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Super Affiliate Program SFI

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While searching for an affiliate program on internet, i came across SFI affiliate profram,i found it so much intersting that i have spend no time to join.

About SFI affiliate: It was started in 1998 since then SFI has been leading the Internet income revolution with its affiliate program that even average people to earn $20, $50, even $100 per hour working from their home computer.
And the main thing about this program is it is free to join.This affiliate program will not let you just join and wants you to promote that or that,but they will provide you your own website and complete traning about program and guide you how to Make Money Online,after researching i find that the program is providing $295 value resources for free in form of website and traning programs.
According to weekly report 8000 men and women joins this SFI affiliate program.

Program in SFI affiliate:Explaing with one of the program

EyeEarn:Firstly you have to register with this program,after registering you have to activate your account,Once you've activated your EyeEarn account, you'll start to receive a portion of all the revenues being generated by the worldwide EyeEarn network. This includes a share of all sales being generated at!So cool you are getting income from other efforts also and your effort is also being thier with you.
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