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Are you using Google Adwords?

Did you enjoy Adwords Just because you are getting traffic without any SEO strategies?

Then you might be doing these mistakes.

Many small business owners use Google adword to get traffic and branding and they enjoy
doing it wrong way.

They enjoy with the thought that they will now get traffic and conversion,They enjoy doing this because they have money to invest and no result will never let them down instead it pushes them to invest more in the hope of traffic and conversion but result are zero.

So If you are a small business owner and want to identify why traffic coming through adwords is not worth then you need to look out for these area.:-

1.Targeting:-Target only where your customers resides for example your services are only limited to USA then your ad setting should be set in the way that your ad should only show if user is searching from USA otherwise not.

2.Negative Keywords:- Your ad could be shown on any query of your keyword if you haven’t included negative keyword list.

For Example:- Your are selling new  bicycle and your target keyword is “buy bicycle online Chicago” then your ad also could be shown with keyword “buy used bicycle online Chicago”

You are selling new bicycle but your ad was also presented with user searching for old.

3.Landing page:-You might be getting enough traffic to your page but visitors are not converting, Then you should check your landing page:-

Few tips:-
1.Make it simple.
2.Should be solving problem instead of making huge list of problems which user already have.
3.Having eye catching headline.
4.Images says all story, So use images which are self explanatory.
5.Use Videos.
6.Use Testimonials.
8.Add clear call to action.
I would recommended hire CRO(Conversion rate optimization agency) to get things on track.

Recommended Company:- Visual Website Optimizer

4.Keywords:-You might using keywords which have no-conversion value  or very broad like
for example(Bicycle) you might be targeting keywords like
bicycle Chicago
New bicycle chicago

Instead use buying intent words like in your ad copy:-
Top 10

Brian dean have dedicated whole chapter on this particular topic Keyword Commercial Intent.
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Internet marketing is quickly becoming recognized as the way of the future. Companies are turning to the internet for the bulk of their promotional activities in order to take advantage of the huge audience of users that do the majority of their research into new products and services, as well as a large portion of their shopping, on the internet.

As companies create ways to maximize their advertising and promotional efforts online they are opening up a unique career opportunity for people who want to seek an income online. This opportunity is referred to as “affiliate marketing” and is offering dedicated individuals the chance to make a considerable income online.

What is “Affiliate Marketing”?

Affiliate marketing is promoting products and services on behalf of the vendor companies that actually sell such goods. As an affiliate marketer you are not responsible for actually selling the products, meaning that you do not have to maintain and inventory or fulfill orders, nor do you have to engage in any form of customer service.

Your entire responsibility is posting affiliate links on your site and driving traffic to this site so that readers can see the links and have the opportunity to convert into a sale. For each sale that is generated through your unique link or affiliate code you will receive a commission based on a percentage of the sale. Depending on the affiliates that you choose and how adept at internet marketing you become, you can truly generate a comfortable living just through affiliate marketing.

How Do I Choose Affiliates?

One fantastic feature of affiliate marketing is the tremendous range of affiliates available. Virtually any type of niche that you choose can be supported through affiliates due to the incredible variety of options available to marketers.

You can find your vendor companies a few different ways. One is to research different companies that are applicable to your specific niche. For example, if you want to create a site about cooking you may want to research different companies that sell kitchen gadgets, mail order gourmet food, aprons, knives, or cookbooks. Check the website of each company to see if they advertise affiliate opportunities, and sign up from there.

Another option is to use an affiliate database. There are several websites available that allow you to search through lists of companies that utilize affiliate marketing and sign up with the ones that you feel are best for your niche.

You could also utilize a tools such as Google AdSense that assign advertisements to your site and generate your commission based on pay-per-click activity. These affiliates, however, cannot be customized to your specific niche so you do not have the control that you do with other options.

How Do I Create an Affiliate Marketing Site?

The most important aspect of your internet marketing activities will be your site. Just posting the links will not generate sales. You need to drive traffic toward a site anchored with high quality content geared toward those that would be interested in your vendor company’s offerings.

The aesthetics of your site will be extremely important for catching the attention of readers and keeping them interested long enough to find your affiliate links and click on them.Wordpress templates allow you to quickly set up your site so that you can begin publishing content and posting affiliate links. Choosing a theme that complements your niche will make you look professional and reliable so readers will want to return consistently to see what else you have to offer.

Is Blogging a Good Way to Market?

Yes! Blogging is one of the biggest pop culture phenomena in effect, and one of the best ways that affiliate marketers can reach out to a wide audience. Creating a blog allows you to consistently offer fresh content supplemented with appropriate affiliate links that can easily be accessed through a search engine inquiry and other internet marketing promotion.

About author

Anny Solway is a creative writer at She is passionate by Wordpress, SEO and Blogging. Don’t forget to check out stunning Premium Wordpress Themes (warning: no boring stuff)
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It is not unheard of for a business to spend thousands on visitor conversion tactics. That practice has been tolerated, because many business owners think that they should pay a lot to insure that visitors are converted into customers. Businesses can actually get better conversion for less than $1 a day. 

What is this low-cost strategy? It is not the fancy software program that you might have read about on a site with huge red lettering and a lot of exclamation points. The strategy does not involve swamping your customers with numerous pop-ups that beg them to buy this, buy that, or sign up for something. The strategy is merely a pleasant invitation to chat with a helpful agent who is knowledgeable about the site's products and services. 

In a world in which most people regularly encounter computerized messages when they make a phone call to customer service to reach utility companies, retail stores, and just about any other business, they are delighted when they can connect with a real person. Most people also love to chat with others. This is evident in the number of people who send text messages, Twitter updates, and Facebook updates. Digital chatting seems to be a good way to ask questions, get answers, or just communicate with others. 

Site visitors who may not have made a purchase, signed up for a newsletter, or clicked on a few links on a site will perform these very actions after an actual chat sales person communicates with those visitors. People like to be acknowledged, and they loved it when they visit a website and could solve a problem. Site visitors really do not like to look all over the web for information, and sometimes a business might have what they are looking for, and the visitors do not realize it. 

A skilled chat receptionist can explain services and products to customers who have questions but do not have the inclination to complete an online form and wait a day or two for an answer. These visitors want immediate support. Perhaps a visitor would like to know the turn-around time to complete a service that you offer on your website. This question just popped into the visitor's head and he or she wants the information right away. A friendly Live Chat Sales receptionist greets the visitor and asks him or her if assistance is needed. The visitor asks the question, and the chat receptionist responds with accurate information. 

During the interaction, the chat receptionist was also able to obtain the visitor's name and contact information for further correspondence. That visitor is converted into a customer, because he or she is happy with your business's fast turnaround time, and the person feels that your company's chat system is a good reflection of your business. A customer who might not have bothered with sending an e-mail message to ask a question or a customer who couldn't find a specific answer on a site's FAQs could receive great customer service from a powerful sales team.

Author Bio : Webreception offer's Live Chat Sales. Not sure it will work? Webreception actually gives you a sales team free for two weeks.
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Our universe which was once considered to be too big for everyone to get connected, has literally shrunk in size and getting connected has come down to being as easy as being on finger tips, all this thanks to technology which has bridged the gap between boundaries. Technology, especially internet has grown manifold in years, especially in the last decade and has become a huge source of information and income for many. As part if this growing online community, I have also been tracking various avenues whereby internet and the online world has come in handy for the users. One such window which has opened has been the online marketing and money making avenue, especially the online consumer market. A huge number of websites have opened which sell virtually everything from salt to ships and make good money out of it too.

An internet store, as it is popularly called, houses items for sale and could vary from specialized items to general clothing and accessories. One of the most important advantages of such a store is that it avoids the consumer the pain of going out into the market, having to drive or travel, search for a parking place which has become a perennial problem in many cities across the world, scout around for the correct product in umpteen number of physical stores, bargain and buy. All this when compared to the fact that you can compare rates and shop from the comfort of your home, sipping on your favourite soft drink, pay on delivery and even return the product if you are not happy. Wow! Is what I can think of such an arrangement as a consumer.

As a trader, this is what you can do to take advantage of this system to make money while delivering quality products at economical rates. There are different ways of doing business in this market, but the two common ways are either to deal directly with the customer by way of promoting your own website and products or using a mediator website to catalogue your products, especially if that website is only a dealer site and not a manufacturer or trader. Most sites have a way of auctioning products available on their sites and when the auction closes, the site places an order for the product. You can become an affiliate and avoid the pain of buying products before hand and stocking them and order as and when the requirements crops up or stack them at your end so as to avoid the last minute rush. Home based businesses which produce products can use this system and use the online world to make money for them. A site like can give you an insight to the way the system works.

The secret to success in this market is to sell genuine quality products at economical rates and once you have established as a quality medium for online shopping there is no looking back.

Author Info:-This post is shared by  Everbuying

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Sorry guys i have been out for months and haven't updated my blog, But during that period of time i learned so much about our subject and discover some new ways to make money online in India, Today I'm sharing one way here in this post.

Ecoomerce store:- If you are not familar with ecommerce store checkout site like Flipkart where visitors come and browse different products and buy online, Flipkart then ship product to there mailing address.

Now how you can have your own ecommerce store and where you will get products to sell online and make profit? Simple Did you know any wholeseller, supplier or producer at your place? Ya i know you know, Then decide what types of product you really want to sell online OK assuming you got your products then contact wholeseller, supplier and producer of that product and bargain price, Idea behind this is to to get products at control rate and you are going to make money by selling at market rate.

Once you got the best out of them then head over to create website, There are many online CMS by which you can launch your online store but i would recommended Magento which is SEO friendly. Now promote your store online by SEO, PPC or any medium you are comfortable, You can also ask your friends and your neighbours or any anyone to buy from your online store.

Shipping:-Contact your local courier service i would recommend contacting 5 different services and compare thier fees and choose cheapest out of them.

Bonus tip:-Select product which is popular in your area and people across country coming to your state to buy.

What can i do for you?:- I can help you to get your own online store, if you got the products to sell online also i can help to promote your store online via SEO, PPC but for all these you need to invest money so if you are ready then you can contact me at
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