Why Every Employee Should Have a Blog?

By | Aug 21, 2014

Are you doing job?

Are you on Linkedin having professional profile?

Many of you doing job in IT sector may be having Linkedin profile but don’t you think you could take one step further and have your own blog/website under your own domain and showcase your work and endorsement to the world apart from Linkedin Profile?

Many of you will agree with me and many won’t but those who are agree and to conveyance those who are not I’m giving you a  reasons you should have your blog online.


1.Its helps you to build your Name Branding: Don’t you want people remember you with your name? I think many of you want, It doesn’t mean that starting blog will make you famous like Amitabh Bachhan no but people in your job community.


1.Write informative post in your niche.
2.Share tricks only you know.
3.Endorse your colleagues for their good work or trick they shared with you also employes at other company. Let them know by tagging in Facebook or Twitter. This will also bring traffic to your blog.

2. It will help you earn extra money online:


1.Monetize you blog with Google Adsense.
2.Use Affiliate products.
3.In India sell product from Flipkart and earn commission, Use Amazon Affiliate if you’re not in India.

How i can start a blog it cost 10000 Rupees to start?

No with Bluehost you can start blog in under 4 minutes with this simple DIY ( do it yourself ) video on Youtube.

Amazon Affiliate Store Builder: Easily Build an Amazon Affiliate Store

By | Aug 18, 2014

Want to know what is Amazon Affiliate Store Builder ?  Amazon Affiliate Store Builder:

Do you want to make money online?

Do you want to Built an Amazon Affiliate Store and make huge money like I’m making?

Do you want to built your own eCommerce affiliate website without any IT knowledge?

Today in this post I’m going to show you how to do all this under 1 hour and start your own online Amazon Store.

1. What is Amazon Affiliate store?

An online eCommerce website  where you sell amazon products and get commission on each product you sold.

2. Do you need any expertise?

Answer in one word: NOOOOOOOOO


Let me start telling my own journey:

Few months a ago or I should say from last 2 years I was promoting eCommerce stores of my clients ( I’m a Digital Marketing Expert ) and really feel happy when they make money selling their products online.

I handled 7 eCommerce website clients and some of they are selling Amazon products on their website and making money.

I always wondered when will I can start my own online Amazon affiliate store because I too want to earn money with on my store.

But I could not able to start because it needs technical expertise like web developing.

Then on 10 August I got an email from Fresh Store Builder asking me to use there free demo of Amazon Store builder. I quickly signup because it was free demo, Soon after using it for one day I realized that my hope of having my own Amazon affiliate store now could be fulfilled.

So then I upgraded my Fresh store Builder to full access. and the best part is they give all users 30 Days 100% money refund policy.

How I build my own Amazon Store and how you can too?

Before you start you need domain hosting because you want to have your own domain to start your Amazon affiliate website. So I started looking for my domain and headed over to Bluehost.com, You can use any hosting provider of your like but I used Bluehost because I trust them because when I was launching my affiliate website I stucked to some place where I thought my hope is now over, then I contacted Bluehost support and they solved my problem under 2 minutes.


Now my website is up, Now the only steps I need to take is that I have to get Amazon API and need to configure it with my store.

Here is the simple steps i followed while building my Amazon Affiliate Store.

1. I registered my own domain and hosting using Bluehost

2. Signed up with Amazon Affiliate Program using my new domain I bought with Bluehost:

You can signup choosing Amazon program of your country below using your new domain.

  • Amazon Affiliate for India
  • Amazon Affiliate for USA
  • Amazon Affiliate for UK
  • Amazon Affiliate for Germany
  • Amazon Affiliate for Japan
  • Amazon Affiliate for Italy
  • Amazon Affiliate for Canada
  • Amazon Affiliate for France
  • Amazon Affiliate for Spain

3. Signed up with Fresh Store Builder as premium member.

4. Used steps in this video below to install FSB to my Website:

5. Set my Amazon affiliate store using this simple video below, In some condition you may face problem setting up Amazon API but don’t worry Carry of FSB has shared me an easy link to setup Amazon API

Now today I’m really happy to have my own website with FSB and can built unlimited stores under different domain names with only one Fresh Store Builder account only thing I have to buy is Domain without hosting because Bluehost has already given me unlimited hosting.

Sorry many of you might be thinking that why this guy not shared his store name here, Its is because of simple reason my niche of store is under kitchen and want to built relevant links to my store.

Here is the link of some store built using Fresh Store Builder.





But Before you start I request you all to choose niche which is less competitive so that you can make money quickly and easily.

Also if you’re not convinced you can still use Fresh Store Builder Demo and later if you’re convinced you can upgrade to Fresh Store Builder and build your own Amazon Affiliate store using your own domain

If you feel this post is helpful then please share (see social buttons at left) with your social profiles and help your followers and friends so that they can also start there own affiliate website.

How To Open a Blog and 4 Must tools, I’m Using #4 in This Blog

By | Jul 19, 2014
Today in this blog post I’d like to tell you a simple way “How To Open a Blog” But before I’d like to share a simple story:

Back in 2006 when I started blogging I always used Blogspot which is Google owned service.

I use to open multiple blogs under different niche and always hope to make money online but never made. One day my friend asked me to start my blog under my own domain which I always thought off.

But couldn’t able to start because I need a web designer and developer to start designing and developing my blog which could cost me around 20,000 Rupees at that time.

But today for you guys I’m sharing with you a simple video by which you can start your blog under your owned domain without need of any designer and developer within 4 minutes.

Also I’m sharing with you a Free tool by which you can join your offer’s to make money online.

But before I start I’d like to tell you that you will never going to get success making money online if you don’t have genuine list of unique and targeted email list. I’ll also cover how to build list on your blog in the later section of this post.

1. Open a Blog now

The Video below will teach you how to: You can also find Bluehost discounted link here

Assuming you already have your blog after using steps in Video now choose your offers with this free tool and make money online.

2. Offervault: Offervault is search engine of CPA( Cost per action ), Pay Per Call offers etc.

Where you can find offer relevant to your niche and country.

Just sign up for affiliate provider ( see Network column ) write blog post and link your affiliate link under your post.

3.Blog Traffic:- Submit your blog under blog directories to get traffic.

My favorite sites

4.Email list: Email list is like a ATM card which I can scratch anytime and earn money. This is the best part which can ensure you earning money if you have decent email list.

Tips to grow your email list.

1.Use free tool Many Contacts

2.Use free tool HelloBar

3.Use pop-up form to grab emails.

4.Use blog post footer.

5.Use sidebar.

I strongly recommended Aweber to build your email list and send periodic emails to your list and earn money online.

But don’t push only commercial emails I’d advise you to send helpful emails all the 29 days of the month and send only 1 email which contain affiliate link, Although helpful emails which contain link of your post already having affiliate link inside the blog post. You only need to generate traffic on the post.

Also – If you know anyone who want to start a blog may be your friends or family members, share this link with them.

4 Experts Reveal One Best Way To Make Money Online

By | May 18, 2014

Earning money online is always hard  if you’re just starting or you have started but not making single Rupee, This is a common problem faced by many bloggers out there, So i have decided to put together an expert round up and invited 4 top bloggers from India to share their one best tip ” Make Money Online”

Question I Asked :- What is one tip you’d give starter looking to make money online?

Bishal Biswas: SEO Analysts and Blogger at Viral Blog Tips Follow him on Google+ 

Bishal-BiswasIf it is concern making money online (as a beginner), then one can opt for Freelancing as because if you are having any talent (no matter what is it), you can earn through it very easily. But, rather focusing on money, I would suggest focusing on contents as it matter a lot. You can easily making thousand of dollar, online, if you are having a foundation of great articles which are both valuable and inspiring. And perhaps if you are able to do so, you are just few steps away from making money online.
S. Pradeep Kumar: CEO & Founder of Slash Square  and Hello Bound Blogger  Follow Him on Google+

Pradeep KumarInstead of creating goals like ‘Earn 10K this month’ or ‘Create 100 Sales this week’, you can focus on building a stream that will simplify people’s needs. Be a guide to them and help them. By helping them you become a bridge between them and the solution. Now your target or goal is to make money with that solution. Give them a reason why this product simplifies their lives, review them, give them and make money out of it. In other words, this is called as “Affiliate Marketing“.
Vivek Srivastav: Founder of Monkshouts Follow him on Google+

Vivek Srivastav
Being an affiliate marketer and internet marketing consultant, I always read people talking about affiliate marketing success. Many times its sheer luck, but if you want to make your own sustainable online business, I suggest focus on list building and then promote the products using email rather than just sending users to affiliate promotion pages. The best method for this is to use landing pages for each product which you promote, collect the visitor information and then let them go to affiliate product website.

Why I suggest this long and big process? Imagine, a user purchasing the product using the affiliate link which makes you a winner for the first time but in reality you loose big bucks for rest of the purchases as that user will not come to your page again and again. By list building, you can send the affiliate links to thousands of products and if they believe you enough, they will purchase the new product using only your referral.

Esha Upadhyay: Works at Udinra Follow her on Google+

Esha Upadhyay

Do not concentrate on making money instead concentrate on increasing traffic.earning will come as a side product

Also – if you know anyone who want to make money online may be your friends or family members, share this link with them.

Make Money Online: 22 Proven Ways To Earn Money Online

By | Apr 18, 2014

Do you want to earn money online?

But not getting the right idea?22 Proven ways to make money online

Then in this post you’ll going to learn 22 proven ways to earn money online.

Let me start…..


Are you expert in something? Then you should bring all your expertise online and make money. To get start you need to blog about your expertise and solve the problem people are facing in your niche.

Big question:- How would I make money solving problems?

Answer:- People buy or opt-in for services only when they trust something. Would you ever buy mobile phone before getting in-depth knowledge of its features or without reading its review? I know you will say NO.

You have to educate people looking for services or product in your category and you will earn money with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Building email list. More in the later of this post.

It doesn’t mean you have to start review blog, you can start blogging about anything you have in-depth knowledge off, It could be Astrology blog or Travel Blog etc.
Big question:- Do I need technical expertise?

Answer:- No, To start your blog you don’t need any technical expertise. You need to Sign Up for Bluehost account, after signing up you have to watch video Shot by Pat Flynn ( See Below )and you will be ready with your blog in less than 4 minutes. What, In less than 4 minutes ? I say yes in less then 4 minutes.

You Need:-

1. Hosting which you already got from Bluehost.

2. Custom theme for your blog which you can get from DIYthemes
(Only if you need professional looking blog)

3. Long tail keyword research software( Start your free trial now, No credit card required)

4. Email marketing software Aweber.

1. Sign Up With Aweber
Helping over 120,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer     relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

2. Affiliate Marketing:
Assuming you already created a blog and published 5 posts got handful of quality editorial backlinks and getting traffic, Now its time to start making money from your blog with proven affiliate marketing strategies.

How ? :

There are many affiliate marketing websites offer solution for both advertisers and publishers.

Advertiser:- Are those who want to market their product  or services by paid advertising.

Publisher:-Are those who make money promoting product or services of these advertisers.

But before signing up for any affiliate i recommended free service OfferVault where you just have to search with your keyword and you will be provided with best suitable offer to promote on your website like Lead, Sale or call.

Pay per lead:- You’ll be paid whenever user signup for advertiser services with email.

Pay Per Sale:- You’ll be paid whenever user buy your product from your website.

Pay Per Call:- You’ll be paid whenever user call on the number of service provider.

Assuming you got your offer now click that offer and you’ll be redirected to Join network page( you can find join button at the end of the page).

Now join and promote those services within your website.


1.You can link to your affiliate link within your post.

2.Put banners in the right sidebar of your blog.

3.Create resource page like i have created over here.

4.Email your list which you’re going to built with Aweber. ( See below)
3. Email List:

After you created a blog you need email list which you can build with the help of Aweber,
Now integrate Aweber with Optinskin.

With Optinskin you can:

#1 Split-Test Your Way to Higher Conversion Rates.

#2 Fully Customise 18 Default Designs.

#3 Draw Attention to Your Opt-in Forms with ‘Fade’.

#4 Impressions Only Count If Your Form is Seen.

#5 OptinSkin Can Power Your Custom Designs.

#6 Place Skins Anywhere On Your Blog with One Click

#7 Make More Money With an (Optional) Affiliate Link

#8 Works with All Email Marketing Services including Aweber.

How to use it effectively:

1.Identify your best posts receiving good traffic with the help of Google Analytics


in the left bar click “ Behaviour”

Then click “ Site Content”

Then click “Landing page”

Then click “ All Pages

You’ll get top performing pages getting lots of traffic.

What is Google analytics? :- Google analytics tracks visitors behaviour on your website, Visitors, Traffic source, Traffic referral source. Learn more about Google Analytics.

2.Add attractive customize skin inside each post.

3.Use different themes and split test and keep the winning skin.

Now I’d like to share more methods to grab visitor email.
4.Use blog above fold and ask for email by offering free guide which you can create free.

5. Use your expertise and create guide for example “101 tips to become good writer”

Open word and write your expert tips, after completing convert it to PDF with free PDF converter  and upload to your root.
6.Use your blog right sidebar to capture emails by offering free guide.

7.Use your post footer and capture emails.

8.You know what Optinskin can do this for you in minute, So i recommended it strongly.

9.Send emails with the help of aweber whenever you write new post having affiliate link.

10Set autoresponder and send monthly newsletter.
11.Send recommendation of product which you’re affiliate.
4. Selling images:
Are you a expert photographer or photography is your passion?

Then you can make money by  enjoying clicking great photographs.
You can sell your images to Stock photography sites.









More sites : Excellent post written by James George 15 places to sell your images.

You can also start your own photography blog and make money by 2 ways:


2.Selling images to photography site i shared above.

5. 99design:

Are you a expert web designer and creates beautiful usable web designs then 99design.com is perfect destination, You just have to signup and submit your designs anytime your design is liked or suits to anyone then they will buy it, My friend is making more than Rs 30000 per month with 99 design so i recommended it strongly to web designers.

Excellent post explain do’s and don’t of 99 design and Fiverr by Arthur Burlo.

6. Youtube:

Do you you creates lots of funny or informational videos then youtube is goldmine for you.


1.Sign up for Youtube but you don’t need if you already have gmail account.

2.Open Youtube and upload your videos.

3.Assuming people are liking your video and sharing it,  Now its time to make money.

4.Open Youtube Monetization link in your browser and click monetize videos then you have to create your Google adsense account with your account information.

5.Just check monetize video in your channel setting and you’re all done, Check your adsense account for the money you have earned with your videos.

7.  Field Agent:

With field agent you can earn $1 and $12 by completing simple task with your iPhone for that you need to download field agent application on your phone you can get it over here at iTunes .
What will I be asked to do?

A common example of one of jobs is an item price check with a photo. The App will instruct you to go to your local discount store, find a specific product, take a photo of it on the shelf and enter its price. This type of job is easy to complete, but is very important to companies who need insight on their competition.

Another simple job example is a survey. Brands often need the opinion of consumers just like you. Surveys are distributed in the same method as other jobs, except you can complete the job and make money from any location.

You can find similar services with fantastic post 10 Mobile Apps that earn you real cash and rewards written by Kay Tan at Hongkiat.

Kay Tan at Hongkiat .

8. Buying/Selling domains:

Online startups always search for their favorite domain and they use Godaddy or there preferred hosting provider but you can make money buying and selling domain that are expired or hot  and trade them afterwards.

9. Freelancing:

Are you a professional web developer, web  designer or any other you could make money by completing task.

Main Categories covered:

Programming Jobs

Design Jobs

Writing Jobs

Marketing Jobs

Administrative Jobs

Consulting Jobs

Legal Jobs

Engineering Jobs

Freelance Blogger

You can sign up with Elance, find job and earn money.

Many companies relying on Elance from where they outsource project and gradually there profile earn respect  then they start getting projects of higher amount like 5000$ to 50000$.

10. Get-paid-to Sites:

You get paid just by clicking on ads or Viewing ad for certain time.

I personally don’t like them because earning potential is very less in these kind of websites are not legit.

Some sites are:-

1. CashCrate
2. Survey Scout
3. Points2Earn

11. Ebay:

You can sell anything from used jeans to pen in the ebay network.

I personally recommend selling ebooks on ebay by which you can make huge money online.
Follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an eBay account.

Step 2: Find something to sell.

Step 3: Research

Step 4: Market it

Step 5: List it

Step 6: Fulfillment

Read complete post how to make money by ebay by Ramit Sethi

12. iTunes:

You can make money by linking to mobile apps and make money with qualified revenue generated by your affiliate link.

13. Surveys:

There are many companies out there who need opinion to make their product or services better, for that they pay money just by fulfilling small surveys and you get paid sharing your opinion.

Here is the list of 20 survey websites with Do’s and Don’ts written by Priya N.

14. Referral Programs:

If you already signed up with affiliate program, You know you can earn by referring your friends or family member to join affiliate program and you can earn money in tiers.

15. Websites:

Are you business owner or professional? Then why don’t you bring your business online and generate more customers locally.

You Need:

1.Hosting with BlueHost.

2.Designer and developer to design your Business or professional website.

3.After having website submit it to Google+ local, Local yellow pages and drive new customers to your business.

16. eCommerce Stores:

Are you a manufacturer or supplier or retailer? Why don’t you sell your product online. You can find new buyers and expand your business globally.

You need:

1. Hosting from Bluehost

2. eCommerce Website with shopping cart.

Refer to this post i wrote earlier Easy way to make money online

Recommended Shopping cart :-Magento, Shopify and Bigcommerce

17. Google Adwords:

I strongly urge you guys not to try it unless you know how to use it effectively otherwise you will lose money.

You can go through guide created by Google to learn in deep about Google Adwords.

18. Ebooks:

Create your own ebook and sell it on eBay, Amazon or Clickbank

Great post written by Tim Ferriss How $1,000,000 selling ebooks online.

19. Google Adsence:

You might be wondering why i haven’t mentioned Google adsense until now, it is because of simple reason, Google adsense policy for India says that your website should be 6 months older with unique content and should adhere with its policy.

If your website according to its policy then you should go ahead and join Google Adsense.

20. Infolinks:

Like Google Adsense its an Pay per click program where you get paid whenever someone click on your ads but its ad format is different from Google Adsense. You can make huge money when used properly.

21. Yahoo Publisher Network:

Unlike Google Adsense, Indian publishers are not allowed to join Yahoo Publisher Network.

22. BuySellAds:

To get included in their network you need fair amount of traffic so if you’re just starting join it after your blog getting good traffic.

Did You Enjoy Using Google Adwords But Lose Money As Well?

By | Feb 18, 2014

Are you using Google Adwords?

Did you enjoy Adwords Just because you are getting traffic without any SEO strategies?

Then you might be doing these mistakes.

Many small business owners use Google Adword to get traffic and branding and they enjoy doing it wrong way.

They enjoy with the thought that they will now get traffic and conversion,They enjoy doing this because they have money to invest and no result will never let them down instead it pushes them to invest more in the hope of traffic and conversion but result are zero.

So If you are a small business owner and want to identify why traffic coming through Adwords is not worth then you need to look out for these area.:-

1. Targeting:-Target only where your customers resides for example your services are only limited to USA then your ad setting should be set in the way that your ad should only show if user is searching from USA otherwise not.

2. Negative Keywords:- Your ad could be shown on any query of your keyword if you haven’t included negative keyword list.

For Example:- Your are selling new  bicycle and your target keyword is “buy bicycle online Chicago” then your ad also could be shown with keyword “buy used bicycle online Chicago”

You are selling new bicycle but your ad was also presented with user searching for old.

3. Landing page:-You might be getting enough traffic to your page but visitors are not converting, Then you should check your landing page:-

Few tips:-

1. Make it simple.

2. Should be solving problem instead of making huge list of problems which user already have.

3. Having eye catching headline.

4. Images says all story, So use images which are self explanatory.

5. Use Videos.

6. Use Testimonials.

7. Comparisons

8. Add clear call to action.

I would recommended hire CRO (Conversion rate optimization agency) to get things on track.

Recommended Company:- Visual Website Optimizer

4. Keywords:-You might using keywords which have no-conversion value  or very broad like

for example (Bicycle) you might be targeting keywords like


bicycle Chicago

New bicycle chicago

Instead use buying intent words like in your ad copy:-









Top 10



Brian dean have dedicated whole chapter on this particular topic Keyword Commercial Intent.

Getting Into Internet Marketing With Affiliates

By | Nov 18, 2013

Internet marketing is quickly becoming recognized as the way of the future. Companies are turning to the internet for the bulk of their promotional activities in order to take advantage of the huge audience of users that do the majority of their research into new products and services, as well as a large portion of their shopping, on the internet.

As companies create ways to maximize their advertising and promotional efforts online they are opening up a unique career opportunity for people who want to seek an income online. This opportunity is referred to as “affiliate marketing” and is offering dedicated individuals the chance to make a considerable income online.

What is “Affiliate Marketing”?

Affiliate marketing is promoting products and services on behalf of the vendor companies that actually sell such goods. As an affiliate marketer you are not responsible for actually selling the products, meaning that you do not have to maintain and inventory or fulfill orders, nor do you have to engage in any form of customer service.

Your entire responsibility is posting affiliate links on your site and driving traffic to this site so that readers can see the links and have the opportunity to convert into a sale. For each sale that is generated through your unique link or affiliate code you will receive a commission based on a percentage of the sale. Depending on the affiliates that you choose and how adept at internet marketing you become, you can truly generate a comfortable living just through affiliate marketing.

How Do I Choose Affiliates?

One fantastic feature of affiliate marketing is the tremendous range of affiliates available. Virtually any type of niche that you choose can be supported through affiliates due to the incredible variety of options available to marketers.

You can find your vendor companies a few different ways. One is to research different companies that are applicable to your specific niche. For example, if you want to create a site about cooking you may want to research different companies that sell kitchen gadgets, mail order gourmet food, aprons, knives, or cookbooks. Check the website of each company to see if they advertise affiliate opportunities, and sign up from there.

Another option is to use an affiliate database. There are several websites available that allow you to search through lists of companies that utilize affiliate marketing and sign up with the ones that you feel are best for your niche.

You could also utilize a tools such as Google AdSense that assign advertisements to your site and generate your commission based on pay-per-click activity. These affiliates, however, cannot be customized to your specific niche so you do not have the control that you do with other options.

How Do I Create an Affiliate Marketing Site?

The most important aspect of your internet marketing activities will be your site. Just posting the links will not generate sales. You need to drive traffic toward a site anchored with high quality content geared toward those that would be interested in your vendor company’s offerings.

The aesthetics of your site will be extremely important for catching the attention of readers and keeping them interested long enough to find your affiliate links and click on them. Wordpress templates allow you to quickly set up your site so that you can begin publishing content and posting affiliate links. Choosing a theme that complements your niche will make you look professional and reliable so readers will want to return consistently to see what else you have to offer.

Is Blogging a Good Way to Market?

Yes! Blogging is one of the biggest pop culture phenomena in effect, and one of the best ways that affiliate marketers can reach out to a wide audience. Creating a blog allows you to consistently offer fresh content supplemented with appropriate affiliate links that can easily be accessed through a search engine inquiry and other internet marketing promotion.

About author

Anny Solway is a creative writer at ThemeFuse.com. She is passionate by WordPress, SEO and Blogging. Don’t forget to check out stunning Premium WordPress Themes (warning: no boring stuff)

Outsource Your Website Sales Conversions for Under $1 an Hour

By | Aug 21, 2013

It is not unheard of for a business to spend thousands on visitor conversion tactics. That practice has been tolerated, because many business owners think that they should pay a lot to insure that visitors are converted into customers. Businesses can actually get better conversion for less than $1 a day.

What is this low-cost strategy? It is not the fancy software program that you might have read about on a site with huge red lettering and a lot of exclamation points. The strategy does not involve swamping your customers with numerous pop-ups that beg them to buy this, buy that, or sign up for something. The strategy is merely a pleasant invitation to chat with a helpful agent who is knowledgeable about the site’s products and services.

In a world in which most people regularly encounter computerized messages when they make a phone call to customer service to reach utility companies, retail stores, and just about any other business, they are delighted when they can connect with a real person. Most people also love to chat with others. This is evident in the number of people who send text messages, Twitter updates, and Facebook updates. Digital chatting seems to be a good way to ask questions, get answers, or just communicate with others.

Site visitors who may not have made a purchase, signed up for a newsletter, or clicked on a few links on a site will perform these very actions after an actual chat sales person communicates with those visitors. People like to be acknowledged, and they loved it when they visit a website and could solve a problem. Site visitors really do not like to look all over the web for information, and sometimes a business might have what they are looking for, and the visitors do not realize it.

A skilled chat receptionist can explain services and products to customers who have questions but do not have the inclination to complete an online form and wait a day or two for an answer. These visitors want immediate support. Perhaps a visitor would like to know the turn-around time to complete a service that you offer on your website. This question just popped into the visitor’s head and he or she wants the information right away. A friendly Live Chat Sales receptionist greets the visitor and asks him or her if assistance is needed. The visitor asks the question, and the chat receptionist responds with accurate information.

During the interaction, the chat receptionist was also able to obtain the visitor’s name and contact information for further correspondence. That visitor is converted into a customer, because he or she is happy with your business’s fast turnaround time, and the person feels that your company’s chat system is a good reflection of your business. A customer who might not have bothered with sending an e-mail message to ask a question or a customer who couldn’t find a specific answer on a site’s FAQs could receive great customer service from a powerful sales team.

Author Bio : Web reception offer’s Live Chat Sales. Not sure it will work? Webreception actually gives you a sales team free for two weeks.

Online Money Making Tips: A Virtual Market

By | Aug 21, 2013
Our universe which was once considered to be too big for everyone to get connected, has literally shrunk in size and getting connected has come down to being as easy as being on finger tips, all this thanks to technology which has bridged the gap between boundaries.
Technology, especially internet has grown manifold in years, especially in the last decade and has become a huge source of information and income for many. As part if this growing online community, I have also been tracking various avenues whereby internet and the online world has come in handy for the users.
One such window which has opened has been the online marketing and money making avenue, especially the online consumer market. A huge number of websites have opened which sell virtually everything from salt to ships and make good money out of it too.
An internet store, as it is popularly called, houses items for sale and could vary from specialized items to general clothing and accessories.
One of the most important advantages of such a store is that it avoids the consumer the pain of going out into the market, having to drive or travel, search for a parking place which has become a perennial problem in many cities across the world, scout around for the correct product in umpteen number of physical stores, bargain and buy.
All this when compared to the fact that you can compare rates and shop from the comfort of your home, sipping on your favourite soft drink, pay on delivery and even return the product if you are not happy. Wow! Is what I can think of such an arrangement as a consumer.
 As a trader, this is what you can do to take advantage of this system to make money while delivering quality products at economical rates.
There are different ways of doing business in this market, but the two common ways are either to deal directly with the customer by way of promoting your own website and products or using a mediator website to catalogue your products, especially if that website is only a dealer site and not a manufacturer or trader.
Most sites have a way of auctioning products available on their sites and when the auction closes, the site places an order for the product. You can become an affiliate and avoid the pain of buying products before hand and stocking them and order as and when the requirements crops up or stack them at your end so as to avoid the last minute rush.
Home based businesses which produce products can use this system and use the online world to make money for them. A site like Everbuying.com can give you an insight to the way the system works.
The secret to success in this market is to sell genuine quality products at economical rates and once you have established as a quality medium for online shopping there is no looking back.
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Online Surveys – How It Reduces Common Survey Errors

By | Oct 21, 2012

Surveys operate on a plain premise. Knowing what others may think about a certain product or service may only take a question-and-answer procedure where you can simply ask and wait for the response.

However, doing research is not that all simple. When it comes to quantitative researches, errors are possible to happen; thus, 100% accuracy is not a guarantee.

But on the other hand, there are some types of survey research such as online surveys that provides a reduced margin for potential errors and inaccuracies. To know what these errors are, such are mentioned below.

Sampling Error – These errors possibly occur since the respondents being surveyed are a sample audience and not the whole consumers. Unless run and managed properly, online surveys can also be a subject to these errors.

However, such can be reduced since panel provider outlines the profiles of their panel members before a research is conducted; hence, more details are known about the respondent. And for this reason, you’re at least certain that it’s a good audience.

Coverage Error – The above mentioned outlining of profiles again help reduced coverage errors. This happens when there is asymmetry in the sample group. For instance, if most of the respondents are males or are above the age of 40.

With online survey, these basic faults are somewhat avoided since good panel providers ensure there is the appropriate blend of respondents that is being required.

Measurement Error – Inaccuracies in this kind of error are brought about by skewed results. One common cause is that respondents have misinterpreted the survey questions or may be skimming through them on a lengthy questionnaire.

These errors can be lessened by paying attention to your questionnaire’s design and by doing a testing before running the final survey. In doing so, you can be able to determine the areas which may result to skewed outcome, enabling you to refine your layout accordingly.

Non-response Error – This usually happens when some respondents fail to answer to particular questions, or to the entire questionnaire. Panels online can easily reduced this error by not allowing the group of respondents to leave a question unanswered.

The trick here is to have an engaging questionnaire so respondents can complete it, minimizing the probability of dropouts.

It may be impossible to obtain 100% error-free survey research, yet there are ways on how to prevent or at least minimized them. The errors that are mentioned above may happen throughout any types of survey; however, they can be significantly lessened through the use of online surveys.

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